Mary James home schooling speach teaching multiple ages

Organizing Your Time


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Many new home educators have the vision to home school but just don’t know where to start. This practical workshop will help you to look at the natural rhythm of your family and to know how to establish your school schedule accordingly. Mary will discuss making lesson plans, coordinating home schooling with household chores, and organizing your time to make it go farther. She will also cover yearly scheduling, daily scheduling, lesson plans, outside activities, cooking tips, and more.

Speaker Information:
Mary James lives in Bastrop and is the mother of eight children. She began home schooling in 1989 and expects to be home schooling for many years to come. In 1999 Mary founded Smoothing the Way, a non-profit organization that seeks to meet the needs of new home schoolers. In addition to serving as president of Smoothing the Way, Mary serves on the Texas Home School Coalition Board of Directors and continues her popular speaking ministry at several home school conferences each year. In her workshops, Mary draws not only from her personal experience as a home schooling mom, but also from her many years of working with those families new to this lifestyle. Speaking from her heart with warmth and humor, she encourages her listeners to face the often daunting task of educating their children at home. For more information, visit


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