“How does my child get a diploma?” is a question new home school parents often ask. The simple answer is, “You give them one.” But for the longer, more detailed answer… Receiving a Diploma or Its Equivalent Personal Graduation You can graduate them. Because a home school is considered a private … [Read more...]

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? What is God’s will for my life? These are the types of questions I often hear in my work as a college and career counselor. Much of my day is spent helping young adults (ages 17 to 25) sort through their confusion and find meaningful direction for … [Read more...]

Be Very Afraid!

When the thought of college looms brighter and brighter in a mother’s mind, the accompanying feelings can become scarier and scarier. It is not that we did not know this was coming; it is not that we have not taught him everything we knew and wanted him to know. It is just that–well—he is going to … [Read more...]