SB 303 Dead, Dead, Dead

A couple of weeks ago we issued an alert against SB 303 in an attempt to fix the situation that allows hospitals and doctors to issue “secret” orders in a patients file to “Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate” (DNAR). While the goal was laudable, it was the clear view of most pro-life organizations and … [Read more...]

Euthanizing Children

doctor holding a syringe

Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve “pain and suffering.” SB 303 takes another step toward legalizing euthanasia by legally empowering doctors to decide when to place Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders into the medical files of suffering, sick children. Only a panel of … [Read more...]

SB 303: Doctors of Death

SB 303 empowers doctors to place “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in the files of sickly children and the elderly without their consent. No one, not even the patient or a member of his family can remove this death sentence. No one, that is, except a panel of doctors. We spoke to Susan King, the House … [Read more...]