Tebow Bill Update

The “Tim Tebow Bill” that would allow Texas home schooled students to take part in extracurricular activities in the public school district in which they reside passed out of the Texas Senate on Thursday. While news articles accurately say the bill passed on a 21-7 vote, that is not the whole story. … [Read more...]

Tebow Effects

Do Tim Tebow bills jeopardize vibrant home school sports programs? ● Home school athletics have thrived since Florida enacted its Tim Tebow bill in 1996. A year later, in 1997, Florida’s largest home school sports association was created (CHAA Saints). That association employs more than 70 … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow Bill – Addressing Concerns

SB 929 by Paxton/HB 1374 By Dutton A small but vocal contingent of home school families has voiced concerns that the Tim Tebow Bill will lead to increased regulation of home schools. The Texas Home School Coalition has received a wealth of support from an overwhelming majority of home schoolers who … [Read more...]