Congratulations Good Citizenship Winners

At the 2011 THSC Gala, THSC recognized four students for their outstanding participation in various good citizenship activities.

Jordan Russell was the 2011 recipient of the Extreme Impact Award for completing 249 hours of work registering voters, working in campaigns, and participating in the political process.

Rachel Beckmeyer was the recipient of both the Lone Star Award and the Republic Award for her work during the political party and legislative processes. Rachel had attended multi-city meetings, the KERA gubernatorial debates, and rallies, and she assisted the local chair with precinct and county conventions. In addition, she served as a page at the 2010 State Republican Convention. She also attended the Texas 4-H Congress, where she had hands-on experience with the legislative process.

Sarah Russell was the recipient of the Ranger Award for her hard work and volunteer assistance in eight campaigns for various candidates in addition to other volunteer work during the 2010 election cycle. Sarah put in more than 200 volunteer hours.

Jackie Goins was the second-place recipient of the Ranger Award for amassing more than 160 hours of volunteer work in various campaigns during the 2010 election cycle.