THSC Review - August 2013 * Volume 17, Issue 3 - page 10

August 2013
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Texas Home School Coalition Review
Conservatives cannot rest until every American can reach the ladder
of opportunity and climb as high as they can dream. We must connect
with every neighborhood. We must make our ideas so winsome to
the public that they become irresistible to politicians, no matter what
their party.
That is why Heritage this year will begin anew to help the conser-
vative movement understand how Americans from all walks of life
perceive public policy issues—and how to communicate conservative
ideas and solutions.
How does home education fit into these ideas?
Here is how home education is part of this picture: Par-
ents are their children’s first educators, and public policies should re-
spect this principle. Government policies should empower parents to
choose the schooling options they decide are best for their children,
whether it be public, private, charter, online, or home schooling—or
a combination of these. At Heritage we are focused on rolling back
federal involvement and restoring educational authority to states, to
local communities, and, most importantly, to parents.
School choice is a key aspect of education reform. For the most
part, parents know best what their children need. A growing num-
ber of parents, from across the political spectrum, choose to home
school their children. They do so for a variety of reasons, including
a desire to instill traditional values in their kids. This is the best op-
tion for many families, and policies should continue to allow them to
make this choice.
I salute organizations such as the Texas Home School Coalition for
encouraging understanding of, and excellence in, home education.
THSC is proud to support JimDeMint in his fight for conservative policy. Free-
dom to live, work, and raise a family without the encroaching regulations of
liberalism is the foundation of the American dream. We do not believe in free-
dom simply because we like it. We believe in freedom because it works.
THSC also thanks The Heritage Foundation for its support of home schooling
in Texas by being the Lone Star Sponsor of the THSC Southwest Convention
& Family Conference!
Grace Einkauf, a twenty-year-old home school graduate,
is currently pursuing an education in liberal arts while
living and working on her family’s 100+ acre farm in
Texas. She enjoys volunteering and singing in the
community, coaching speech and debate, and writing
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