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Jumping Ship
by M i cha e l and D e b i P e ar l
“Just remembering we are humans—sons of Adam—ought to
humble us.”
In their book,
Jumping Ship
, authors and longtime home school
speakers Michael and Debi Pearl present with humility solutions to par-
ents struggling with one of the most sorrowful situations of our day:
children “jumping ship” to join forces with the world and turn away from
all that their Christian parents have sacrificed to instill in their hearts and
The Pearls begin their discussion of the family with a metaphor,
which they use throughout the book. They compare the family to a
ship with a captain and crew. Their thesis is that “the ship must be go-
ing somewhere with a meaningful purpose, otherwise the crew would
not tolerate the drudgery of their daily duties.” Children must believe
they are on the very ship that will best prepare them to be captains of
their own ships, going in the direction they believe they must go, or, the
Pearls say, they will “jump ship” for a better vessel.
On this family voyage, the Pearls suggest many important truths that
must be present: The captain must be a man of integrity in order to gar-
ner his crew’s respect. He must also be approachable and willing to work
harder and serve more diligently than the rest of the family. The ship
must sail with purpose. The Pearls suggest giving each child age-appro-
priate work, with rewards, challenges, and opportunities for failure and
success. They encourage parents to give their children respect.
Taking the analogy farther, the Pearls
say the captain must maintain morale
among his crew. They say parents must
begin with themselves because kids can
see through hypocrisy: “Get real! Love
God with all your heart and soul and
mind and strength until the joy of the
Lord fills your cup to overflowing. Fall
back in love with your spouse . . . and
enjoy each other in front of the kids!”
The Pearls say the first fruit of revival
in our relationships is to work on our-
selves and to be the examples we want
our children to be.
Jumping Ship
is available a
among other places, or at
the Pearls’ website,
Suzanne and her husband Brian have completed
fourteen years of home schooling and have grad-
uated both of their children from home school.
They serve in the home school movement as board
members of Idaho Coalition of Home Educators.
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