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August 2013
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This is my last magazine as editor of the
Texas Home School
Coalition Review
after seventeen years, twenty-three working
for THSC.
Tim and I started with THSC in 1990 as volunteers. We had one
computer, one phone line, and an answering machine. I would
sit down a couple of times a week to do a little data entry and
return phone calls—collect.
Our children volunteered and learned much in the process.
They went with us to book fairs and learned how to talk to peo-
ple and how to work the THSC booth. However, I have long
been grateful to the board member who encouraged us that we
should think about getting staff—that our children were great,
but one day they would grow up and have their own lives, and
we would need other help. One of our children still works for
THSC and does a great job organizing THSC events; the others
volunteer some as they support their sister, but we found we
did have to fill most of their positions with paid staff over the
years. We started by hiring one part-time person to work half a
day five days a week.
We then grew to having nine employees working out of our
home. (THSC now has seventeen employees, most of whom
work remotely and many of whom work part time. Only four
people now work in the office.) We moved the office into our
biggest bedroom, and it shared the space with my older son for
a few years. THSC had about 200 square feet, with four to five
desks on one side of the room, and Peter’s bed and dresser on
the other. It was not optimal, but I was still home schooling my
children. I could get them started on schoolwork and then go
upstairs and work a little for THSC, go down and check on the
kids, then back up after school, etc.
Sometime during this period, Tim and I changed from being
volunteers to paid staff. Finally, in the fall of 2000 we moved
THSC into a real office with 1200 square feet of space. It was
a monumental improvement! Of course, the staff did have to
adjust to wearing shoes all the time and not taking naps under
their desks! When our son married and left home, Tim and I
moved ourselves into that large bedroom. Ah, space!
August 2013 • Volume 17 • Issue 3
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